White, Pink, & Gold w/ Charms


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Eternium bracelets are made of industrial grade aluminum and silicone. They are lightweight, waterproof, and easy to maintain. The best part is there is no clasp to worry, so you can slip it right on and off.

We started our company by making hemp necklaces and bracelets while living in Southern California. It always made us sad that our product would get ruined after it got wet a few times and would eventually fall off due to the material. So we decided to find an alternative; aluminum. Strong, durable, shiny, easy to clean, and lightweight. It was the perfect medium for how we wanted to use it; everyday wear and not have to take it off during a shower.

Here we are years later and we have grown due to the support of our family and local community. We offer numerous products ranging from bracelets, anklets, necklaces, keychains, and even custom pieces for returning customers.

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Care Instructions:
-Mild detergent / soap
-Warm water
-Dry with soft dish towel
-For extra shine, use a jeweler cloth.

We back our products and are confident that they will last a long time. If you have any issues within the first year, message us and we will work to either replace or fix your piece.

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